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Established in 2015, LaserMoov is a company that specializes in development and production of cork and wood products. In addition, LaserMoov offers cutting and engraving services for other types of materials.

Our business is driven by sustainable growth that benefits those that collaborate with us, from customers to suppliers and that allows us to drive a dynamic production environment. This helps us maintain a high standard with quality products and a focus on customer satisfaction.


Mission LaserMoov


Offering quality services and products in the areas of cutting and engraving.

Aim to adapt our services to meet the customer’s needs.

Be an active business partner to contribute to our customer’s success.



Aiming to be a reference company in the areas of cutting and engraving.

Guarantee high quality services.

Being the ideal business partner for each customer.



Aspire security and quality in our products and services.

Prompt response to our customer requests and deliver on-time

Act with responsibility and ethics.

Work with a good team spirit.


Without any compromise towards LaserMoov, you can contact us via email to request a quote.
When contacting us, you should provide a description of what you need, together with specifications, preferably a drawing in vector format. We will do our best to provide you with an answer within 48 hours.